Masco provides manufacturing, service, inspections and operator training for overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, monorail systems, hoists & trolleys



Masco Steel Industries and Crane & Hoist were formed in 1984 by Dennis Beck and is a family run business. Masco has grown from its modest beginning and works out of a plant in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. Masco provides manufacturing, service, inspections and operator training for overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, monorail systems, hoists & trolleys.

Masco is a CWB Certified Company and in addition to the crane division also specializes in the manufacturing of various structural steel projects such as skid packages, unitizations, pipe racks, stairs and ladders along with a variety of miscellaneous steel projects.

Masco strives to meet and exceed standard Health, Safety & Environmental practices and believes it is critical to the well being of our staff, clients and the general public.

Safety is essential in all aspects of our business. The management and staff of Masco are dedicated to maintaining and always improving the health and safety practices at our company.

Masco is always looking to develop, advance and implement new techniques, technologies and procedures to improve the products and services we supply.

Masco strongly believes the success of our company is directly related to our work ethics, dedicated staff, health and safety programs and the industry practices we have put in place. Masco will always ensure that we work safely both at our own location and also at our client’s locations. Our goal is to always supply the highest quality product to our valued clients in the safest possible way.



The executive leadership team, management and employees of Masco Crane and Hoist are committed to the following mission statement:

  • Masco aims to provide our customers with the highest level of professional service in all aspects of our business.
  • Masco will endeavour to use the latest equipment and technologies to design, manufacture, service, inspect and install our products.
  • Masco will provide after sales service in a timely and efficient manner. Masco strives to resolve any disputes in a professional and timely manner.
  • To promote pride of workmanship in a happy work environment for all employees, with a view to every employee being able to achieve all of their personal goals within our Company.
  • Masco believes that the people will make the difference between the ordinary company and an extraordinary company.


Integrity requires the adherence to a code of sound, moral and ethical conduct that governs all aspects of our activities.


Accountability means honoring our commitments and accepting responsibility for our actions and behavior. At Masco, we believe in aligning decision making power with responsibilities, at all levels of our company, and for employees to exercise greater control over their activities and, at the same time, be accountable for the results.

Trust and Transparency

The success of Masco depends, on our being able to trust the information we receive and the people who provide it. We promote an atmosphere of open communication and the constant exchange of timely, credible information.


A cooperative effort by all Masco employees is crucial to achieving our common goals. Interaction with other departments and team members is a vital part of everyone’s job. Through effective teamwork, Masco believes it is able to channel the energies and abilities of various groups to achieve results that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.




Masco has built its reputation by providing the highest levels of quality and personal service to its customers. These key elements make up the cornerstone of our organization.

Our customers are not only important to us; they are the total reason for our existence. We are dedicated to solving our customer needs and this means listening to what they require and responding accordingly.

At Masco we consider no project to big or to small.



Masco holds the following certification to maintain a healthy and safe working environment: